Areas of Expertise

Industry-Leading Janitorial Services

Our many years of experience shine through the services we provide. We have tried-and-true methods to keep our quality control at its very best. We will always go out of our way to ensure that your 100% satisfaction is met. With us, failure is never an option!

A cleaning cart with buckets and mop on it.


We are a full-service janitorial company that tailors services to your needs. No job is too big or too small for us to handle.

A room filled with lots of tables and chairs.

Day Porter

Ensuring restrooms are stocked, eating areas are clean, garbage is always emptied, and supplies are stocked daily.

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Window Washing

Removing cloudy residue, tough dirt buildup, and sprinkler watermarks, leaving windows streak-free and spotless.

A carpet cleaner is cleaning the floor.

Carpet Cleaning

Our state-of-the-art equipment will extract dirt, grime, and buildup beneath the surface to make them look like new.

A floor scrubber is cleaning the floor.

Floor Care

Providing high-speed buffing, stripping, sealing, refinishing, and waxing, our team is prepared to make your floors shine.

A person using a power washer on a wooden deck.

Pressure Washing

Removing dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and dirty entranceways and keeping external walls looking professional and welcoming.

A man with tools in his back pack.

Construction Cleanup

After construction is complete and the building is ready to be turned over to the owner, we’ll tackle all the fine detailing.

Three people sitting at a table in an office.

Emergency Cleaning

Whether it’s storm flooding, broken glass, clogged toilet, or spilled sewage, our on-call 24/7 service crew will come to the rescue.

What Our Customers Have To Say:

"I recommend Andy Montero of Hygeia. I had the pleasure of working directly with Andy and he always impresses me with how responsive he is. This is not found very often and I am happy to say that Andy is just that. He is that rare hard worker in this modern era. With his abilities, adaptability, and dedication, Andy and Hygeia will make a great addition to your team of contractors."

– Emil Lehan / Building Engineer / Tarlton Properties