Some popular questions answered.

Long-Term contracts?

No. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our service, so our contracts are based on 30 days or month to month.

Business served?

Serving a variety of businesses such as healthcare facilities, schools, theatres, fitness centers, restaurants and many more.

Are Employees screened?

Yes. Our employees go through a vigorous background check and drug screening, before any employment takes place.

Minimum service charge?

No business or cleaning task is too large or too small. We custom tailor cleaning services to meet your needs and stay within your budget.

Do employees receive safety training?

Before sending out a new janitor into the field, they will spend hours training with us so that we can teach them how to properly protect themselves against any chemicals that we have, or anything they may encounter within your space. We stress the proper use of PPE (personal protective equipment). Regardless if you require just a simple pair of latex gloves, or a full “bunny suit” to access your clean room or lab, our crew has the experience to properly adhere to your strict regulations.

Cleaning hours?

Most companies we service have business hours from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Our crews generally begin our cleaning services after 6:00 pm, so that we do not disturb anyone during their normal business hours. Our crews should normally be completed with their tasks before 3:00 am. However, if you have a specific need and need someone to clean in the early a.m., mid afternoon, late night or even well after midnight, we can accommodate anything.

What kind of chemicals do we use? Do you require green cleaning or LEED cleaning?

We have access to a full range of chemicals. We currently use a hydrogen peroxide chemical from Spartan Chemicals called Clean by Peroxy. This is a great chemical that is also a “green” chemical. It is a concentrated chemical that can be diluted for cleaning windows, mopping floors, wiping down shower walls or even cleaning restrooms. If your company requires a specific list of chemicals, we are always happy to custom tailor our services to your needs.

Who to contact for emergency cleanup?

Your first point of contact is your Account Manager. Then after that, you can always call our office line as it is always monitored. But you can always call Andy Montero directly at any time (650) 933-3823. He can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with any cleaning emergency you may have.

How do we maintain our quality control?

We have a full-time quality assurance supervisor. Their priority is maintaining quality control in the evening hours so that you can come back to a clean workplace the next day. They will provide detailed building inspections on schedule and at random so that our service cannot possibly fail.

What our customers say about us:

“Hygeia is a great company to work with. They are consistent and quality focused. I want janitorial service to just happen, in the background, and not really think about it. They deliver. Rarely have we encountered problems but when we have, they were immediately remedied. Andy, the owner, communicates on a regular basis, but not too much to make sure we are getting our needs met. At times they have even gone above and beyond the regular scope of work, just to show us they value us as a customer. Who does that? It really makes us feel special.”

– Brian Hartwell / Owner / First Place, Inc.